Easy Methods For Converting Garmin To IGO

IGO, along with Garmin, are both positioning systems, also known as GPS. A GPS gives a map of the location you are currently at, and it also calculates the info including the longitude and latitude and even the altitude. Trip distance is another component measured by GPS. It can works in all conditions in all 24 hours throughout the world.sometimes users face issues related to the conversion of the map of Garmin to IGO format which can be resolved by contacting the Garmin GPS support for technical assistance.

You will require converting the map of Garmin into the format of IGO for using it on the device of Garmin.

You can follow these step by step instructions to achieve it.

  • You can start by downloading a converter for GPS. You can also try the available free versions. With this, you would only get to use it for ten days. You can purchase the complete edition of this software as well.
  • Proceed with installing the converter for GPS and then initiate the software once installed. After this, click on the button of open that appears at the upper corner of the converter. You will require loading a map of Garmin from the hard disk.
  • Further, you can click on the button named open when done with the previous steps. Now click on the button of IGO in the format of the output. For accessing the format of IGO map, you will require scrolling below the output format list that appears on the right-hand side.
  • After this, you can click on the tab titled apply changes for starting the conversion process of Garmin to the IGP format. Once the conversion has completed, you can check if the map converted to IGO is working efficiently in your Garmin device.

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