Easy Ways to Fix the Garmin Nuvi Error Code 260W

Garmin manufactures the best GPS devices in the world. The Garmin Nuvi is one of their creations that have received wide recognition among the users. However, there are instances when the users face some technical difficulties related to Garmin Nuvi. The company gives a substantial amount of Garmin support for fixing the technical errors faced by the users such as the error 260W.

You can follow the simple guidelines to troubleshoot this error code 260W. 

  • This error often occurs when the device has run out of charge; all you need to do is plug it in the power source of your car. The battery needs to receive a full charge for solving this issue.
  • Now, clean the portion of the suction cup of the mount for ensuring there are no issues related to your device. Do this activity using a cloth with alcohol which will assist in sticking or holding up to the windshield efficiently.
  • Proper cleaning regularly will ensure the windshield’s working condition. Further, verify if the touch screen of your device is operating normally.
  • To check the touchscreen’s working, you can turn off the device and then turn it back on again. Hold the button of power for a couple of seconds for the calibration touch screen to appear.
  • If your device screen seems to be illuminated but somehow is not responding, then you can proceed with touching the press dot for calibrating the device.
  • There are times when your device might become frozen; in these instances, all you need to do is restart the device. If the screen appears to be black, then the battery of your device has likely drained out fast.

The error code 260W can be fixed with the right set of instructions when followed in a sequence.

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