Solve Common Issues Related To Garmin GPS

Garmin is a well-known name in the world of GPS and has produced several GPS devices that are used in varying industries by professionals and also for personal use. However, there are a few issues related to the Garmin GPS, which can be resolved quickly by contacting Garmin GPS support or following the correct guidelines mentioned below.

GPS navigation unit start-up issues

There are numerous reasons as to why you face these issues. You will require checking the key and verify if it is in the position of ignition. Another step is to see if the power cable is connected correctly to the unit of GPS navigation. In case of a blown fuse, you ll require replacing it with the one having the same amps as the previous one.

Unable to hear audio

This issue is the most common among the users, to troubleshoot it you can check for the wires of the speaker if they are appropriately connected to the unit of GPS navigation, after this, you can verify that the mute feature is disabled. Further check the level of volume if it is set to low, then adjust it to the standard required.

DVD playback issues

To troubleshoot the issue of DVD playback, you can check if the disc is damaged, another thing that will help is figuring out if the disc format is supported or compatible.

Screen brightness problems

The brightness issues can be resolved by checking the levels and adjusting them as per requirement. You can also tap OSD to align the brightness as per your tastes.

Reverse camera no image output

These issues can be sorted by verifying the connection of the reverse camera with the and the Navigation unit of GPS. You can connect it to the unit then tap the button of CDD on the remote.

Limited GPS availability

If you are receiving less connectivity compared to the usual, then you can check for the GPS antenna and see if it is plugged inappropriately.

Bluetooth related issues

To counter the problems related to Bluetooth you can pair your device correctly, if you can’t find the Bluetooth serial port, then you can get in touch with Garmin GPS customer support for technical assistance.

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