Garmin Edge 530 GPS computer review

The Edge 530 is almost one-third the size of a general smartphone with more thickness and a 2.6 inches color screen that acquires the major upper surface. To deliver the near-perfect out-front mount and two o-ring mounts that can be attached to the stem or bar, it uses the Garmin’s 90-degree twist-lock mounting device.

The time-taking task for Garmin Edge 530

It becomes hectic to set up Edge 530 without the availability of a touch screen as that leads to never-ending use of up/down buttons and back/enter buttons placed on the left and right side of the device respectively.

Customization of data displays has a great space with the profiles of the device being highly flexible. It lets you set-up different metrics for road, mountains, biking, and all using the same computer.

The navigation for Garmin Edge 530

The navigation provided by Edge 530 includes colored maps and turn-by-turn directions along with the setup from the “breadcrumb” style of navigations for Garmin’s entry-level devices. For mountaineers, Edge 530 has a trail mapping service called Trail Fork which can be utilized by doing a login to your account with the paired phone.

Lifestyle with Garmin Edge 530

The day-to-day recoding and uploading of rides have become a five-finger exercise with Edge 530. It only requires to get connected to your home’s WI-Fi and then the only task is to keep the Edge 530 charged consistently.

With Edge 530 choosing to go on a ride has become simpler with selecting the appropriate profile that is preferred by you and then recording it. After concluding the ride, you can decide whether to save it or not. The battery life for Edge 530 is 20-hour and, it is known to have lived up to that. The variance in power consumption depends on how the device is being used.

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