Garmin Introduces the Fenix 6 Smartwatches Featuring Bigger Displays with Solar Power

Garmin has today launched the latest flagship line up of multisport GPS smartwatches. They have named the latest release of these smartwatches the Fenix six series. There is one model that stands out from the rest, and it is the pro-solar Fenix 6X. It is the first smartwatch that features solar charging. The flagship Fenix 6X make use of charging solar lens that is transparent and allows it to incorporate the energy of the sun and extend the span of the battery by a couple of days. This smartwatch has a display of 1.4 inches, and this is bigger than the older versions of the Fenix five models.

Fantastic features of the Fenix six series

The Fenix six series also include other watches such as Fenix 6 and 6x. The sapphire version of these two models boasts a tamper-resistant sapphire lens for better durability. The Fenix six has been designed for sports enthusiasts and those who love being outdoors. All the models in the Fenix six range come with topographic maps which include the ski maps of more than 2000 resorts all around the globe. You will have an option to configure the smartwatch with onboard storage of 32 GB. You can store up to 2000 songs; the Fenix six series comes with the pace pro feature which facilitates the runners with grade-adjusted instructions and guidance. 

There are other fantastic features of the new Fenix six series; some of the highlights include a power manager that is customizable for better control over the lifespan of the battery. The heart rate sensor based on the wrist with advanced sleep supervision and monitoring and Garmin pay support to make contactless payments are some of the great features present in the Fenix 6 series.

Available online in the United States

The Fenix six series can be bought in the US via the website of the company. The Fenix 6S has a 42mm watch face and comes at a price tag of 600 US dollars. The Fenix 6 Pro along with the sapphire editions commence at a price tag of 700 US dollars. The most expensive watch is the Fenix 6X pro Solar which comes at a ridiculous 1,150 US dollars price tag. Though the Fenix 6X pro-solar is pretty costly and can impact your budget severely, it is indeed worth every penny due to the advanced blend of innovative technologies it offers. The Fenix six series have a lot to offer to the fitness freaks and time will show the evidence of its success.

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