Garmin’s Military-Grade Tactical Timepiece is Essential for Adventurers

Garmin, the American consumer technology developer has come up with a new version for its shock-resistant Instinct Line. The Tactical Edition introduced, has all the required outdoor technologies for almost every situation.

The field-ready watch, contesting with the US military standards, is highly thermal, shock, and water-resistant. In addition, the watch also keeps a check on the heart rate and stress levels. Thus, keeping the time and body coordinated. Its availability in the black and tan shade makes it universally wearable.

The tactfully designed watch comes with mission-ready technologies like syncing with the night vision goggles, dual-GPS supported by Military Grid Reference. Also, it has a Jumpmaster for the skydivers.

The tactical-edition of Instinct Line has a battery life of 14 days when used as a smart-watch, 16 hours of backup when GPS is initiated, and when Garmin’s UltraTrac saving mode is on then the battery life is 40 hours.

The new tactical-edition is available at the brand’s online store, priced at $350 USD.

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